Trainer Training Course for English Speaking Guiders

The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association - Trainer Training Course for English Speaking Guiders

A Training Course Under Leader Training SchemeLevel 5Further Self-Development (Second Level)

(Note: This course would be conducted in English)



The workshop aims at providing the participant with necessary skills for being a Professional GGA Trainer.  Participants are expected to complete all the module workshops and may proceed to Assistant Trainer to attain Certified Trainer Qualification.



  1. Understand the roles of the training function and that of a trainer
  2. Apply different techniques to identify training needs
  3. Identify the different levels of training objectives and write behavioral objectives to measure learning effectiveness
  4. Identify a systematic approach for course design
  5. Translate and select different training methods and techniques for course delivery
  6. Use information technology to support training delivery and course design
  7. Acquire practical experience in a range of methods of classroom delivery
  8. Describe various approaches used in evaluation of training
  9. Identify the importance of Promise & Law in Guiding
  10. Demonstrate the Guiding Spirit




Date and Time

Session 1

  1. Introduction to Training
  2. Understanding the Psychology of Adult Learning
  3. Identifying Training Needs
  4. Course Design, Writing Learning Objectives & Lesson Plans

15/10/2020 (Thu)


Session 2

  1. Presentation Skills

22/10/2020 (Thu)


Session 3

  1. Methods and Techniques of Training
  2. Visual Aids and Impact of IT in Training
  3. Evaluation of Training Effectiveness

29/10/2020 (Thu)


Session 4

  1. WAGGGS Policy and Guidelines on Adult training, Learning and Development
  2. WAGGGS Educational Programme - Prepared to Learn, Prepared to Lead
  3. WAGGGS & HKGGA Resources (e.g. Constitution, POR, Qualification Kit, etc)

31/10/2020 (Sat) Rescheduled to

22/11/2020 (Sun)


Session 5

  1. Participant Presentation (pick your own topic) and Feedback

5/11/2020 (Thu)


Session 6

  1. Refreshment of ELTC / Introduction of new ELTC format


Session 7

  1. Presentation by individual participant on LTC related topic


Venue: HKGGA Headquarters (8 Gascoigne Road, Kowloon)

Please note that no parking spaces are provided at HQs on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.


Target Participants

Guiders who would like to pursue HKGGA Trainer qualification and meet the following requirements.

  1. Have reached the age of at least 23
  2. Hold a valid Unit Leader Appointment
  3. Have over 5 years of Guiding Experience as a Unit Leader providing an active progressive programme for the girls.
  4. Leader Training Scheme - Expert Leader Training Certification
  5. Hold a Camper Licenses, Pack Holiday License or Hong Kong Holiday Permit.
  6. Experience as District Commissioner or District or Division Team Member

Remark: Guiders with less experience and qualification but recommended by Division Commissioner and Assistant Chief Commissioner will also be considered


Class Size

15 pax


Course Fee




Upon completion of the training (100% attendance), trainees would be awarded with

  1. A Certificate of “Trainer Training Course” which is under Leader Training Scheme【Level 5】Further Self-Development (Second Level)
  2. A green bar with "Training Team" in gold, which could be worn on the uniform


Additional Information

To attain the Certified Trainer Qualification, you have to:-

  1. Attend “Trainer Training Course“
  2. Attempt on Leader Training Course delivery / teaching practices
  3. Unit Visit – Undertaken by experienced Trainer and Commissioner
  4. Successfully complete a 3-hour training assessment (including further assignment) on Programme & Progress, Badge Scheme, Patrol System or assigned by DCC (Training)
  5. Attend Training Team Meeting and Trainers Annual Workshop to discuss and evaluate course contents and develop skills


How to Apply

  1. Please send your application form together with the payment to Training Office, The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association, 8 Gascoigne Road, Kowloon.
  2. Please do not send CASH / POST-DATED CHEQUE / POSTAL ORDER with application.


Deadline for application

8/10/2020 (Thu)


Arrangement under Bad Weather Condition

  1. Sessions will be cancelled in case typhoon signal No.8 or above, or a black rainstorm signal or above is hoisted.  Please refer to the weather report from Hong Kong Observatory 2 hours before the session starts.
  2. If the session would be cancelled under exceptional conditions, the Training Office will notify the participants as soon as possible and inform the reschedule arrangement within one week after the original date.

Application Form

Last Update Date: 2020-10-07