"1 Plus 1” Membership Development Project


Membership Expansion is our major task in Hong Kong Guiding movement.  Members are encouraged  to bring along their friends to join the International Family and to share their FUN and EXPERIENCES in Guiding.  Through their participation in this project, more girls are trained to learn to communicate with people, behave themselves and become a responsible citizen of Hong Kong.  The Guide Programme aims to inspire and impart a sense of responsibility, self-confidence, problem-solving abilities and leadership qualities among young ones through a series of challenging activities.  Girl members who have successfully referred new members to units will receive an appropriate recognition of their effort.


Referral member will be awarded with up to 3 most project badges for her effort. When the third new member is referred, an additional certificate will be issued. (The Project Badge can be worn on the right sleeve of the uniform).

Successful Referral:

Upon receipt of the application and confirmation that the new Guide has joined the unit for three months, the referral is considered successful. 

The newly joined member can refer other Girls to the Guiding family. 

Guiders have to return the referral form as well as the reply slip of confirmation of placement to the Headquarters when the self-placed new Guide joins the unit for three months.

How to Join :

(Please fill in application form with "Circular relating to the Personal Data Ordinance with Consent form" and "Opt-out Request Form" and return to HKGGA) 
Guiding members may send their referrals through FAX or Mail to Headquarters. REFERRAL APPLICATIONS (Download) can be obtained from Guiders, at Headquarters or downloaded from the HKGGA Web Page 

For enquiries, please contact the Region Development Section at 2778 2199 or email to mshp.dev@hkgga.org.hk

Last Update Date: 2017-12-21