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Cantonese Speaking Training:

Making Teams Successful Workshop


How to Apply

This workshop would be registered through GGMS-OCRS (Online Course Registration System).

All qualified applicant should have already registered in GGMS as Guiders. Please complete the course registration and settle the course fee directly through OCRS in GGMS.

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If you have any difficulties using GGMS account, please do not hesitate to contact us at 23596803. 

All eligible applicants should have hold a GGMS account, you may register the course in the below method:

Application Method Payment Method
Complete the registration directly through GGMS-OCRS (https://ggms.hkgga.org.hk/GGMS/) Credit Card

Arrangement on Prevention and Control of Disease

Participants who join the face-to-face training must comply with the requirements stipulated under Prevention and Control of Disease (Prohibition of Group Gathering) Regulation (Cap.599G) and strictly adhere to the latest Headquarters Notice on the Prevention and Control of Disease.  For latest notice please refer to the news of our website (https://www.hkgga.org.hk/en/news/20220516)


Please refer to the “Application Guidelines and Course Regulations”.

Making Teams Successful Workshop


The workshop helps Leader understand how to build up successful team spirit and develop effective leadership through trust, effective communication and mutual support.  
Exploring and building on members’ strengths boosts the morale among members and helps them acknowledge their importance in the team.



1.    Identify characteristics of an effective team
2.    Foster commitment and collaboration in the team through activities
3.    Develop guidelines to treating girls and other members with respect and helping everyone learn from each other
4.    Positive and negative experiences in teamwork 
5.    Eliminate barriers for teamwork 
6.    Identify reasons affecting team performance
7.    Build trust and acceptance 
8.    Develop team collaboration and achieve consensus 
9.    Enhance team problem-solving 
10.   Resolve conflicts constructively


Medium of Instruction 


Remark: English Speaking Leaders are also welcomed to join. We will arrange translation support for you.



1.    An Appointed Guider or Leader of any Section OR Commissioner; and
2.    Completed Level 1 of the Leader Training Scheme
Remark: Please submit the copy of ‘Leader Training Scheme Record – Level I’ certification

Course Details

Course Name Making Teams Successful Workshop
Course Code T/23/A/MTS
Date 1st session: 9th December 2022 (Friday)
2nd session: 16th December 2022 (Friday)
Time 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Venue HKGGA HQ (Map)
Deadline 25th November 2022 (Sunday)
GGMS-OCRS Application Link Link

Fee: $100 (Part of the course fee is subsidized by Home Affairs Bureau)    
Dress code: Outdoor Uniform
Capacity: 30 (If the capacity less than 15, the workshop will be cancelled)


Completion Requirement

Participants must attend the sessions with 100% attendance, and complete all the session assignment so as to be awarded with the “Making Teams Successful Workshop” Certificate. There is no make-up session provided.

Last Update Date: 2022-09-22