Leadership Champion

2021, a special year

The Girl Guiding Movement in Hong Kong began in 1916. Starting from the beginning, leadership always takes an important part of Girl Guides’training. With the 105th anniversary of the Hong Kong Girl Guides approaching, let us look ahead to our future!


Leadership Champion

The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) has developed the WAGGGS Leadership Model, which uses a system of 6 Leadership Mindsets as a tool to make leadership practice conscious. The model guides us to different perspectives and consciously influences our reactions, reflections, choices and behaviours. Rather than focusing on skills, knowledge and abilities, the leadership model focuses more on the development of personal values, perspectives and behaviours.

Leadership Champion is a leadership challenge programme specially designed for Girl Guides in Hong Kong by a group of young women (Leadership Architects). It aims to empower any and every girl to become a leader through learning and practising the 6 leadership mindsets continuously and to echo the mission of the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association in nurturing more young leaders for a better future. 


Leadership Engineer Workshop

In developing Girl Guides into leaders, Guiders can become our“Leadership Engineers”to lead girls to begin their leadership learning journey. After attending the Leadership Engineer workshop, Guiders can organise activities and workshops about the 6 Leadership Mindsets for their Units to help their Unit members complete the stage of Leadership Learner. Guiders will also receive a badge and earn the title of Leadership Engineer upon completion of the workshop.

The Leadership Engineer workshop will introduce the 6 Leadership Mindsets and the activity booklet to prepare Guiders in supporting girls to be a leader.

  Date (Click date linked to GGMS Registration) Time Location
1 07/10/2021 (Sun) Completed Hong Kong Girl Guides Association Headquarters
2 09/11/2021 (Tue) Completed Zoom Meeting
3 14/11/2021 (Sun) Completed Hong Kong Girl Guides Association Headquarters
 4 10/01/2022 (Mon) *New (English Workshop)  Completed Zoom Meeting
 5 21/01/2022 (Fri) *New Completed Zoom Meeting

Each workshop has a quota of 20 participants (in person workshop) and 40 participants (online workshop). Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Each unit can have a maximum of 2 participants and 2 standby.


The Way to Leadership Champion

The Leadership Champion programme consists of 3 stages, where girls and young women will learn at their own pace.


Stage 1: Leadership Learner 

Self-directed learning: Participants complete or attend at least 1 activity or workshop in every mindset to receive a pin and earn the title of Leadership Learner, and proceed to Leadership Practitioner.

Stage 2: Leadership Practitioner

Game Day: Put the leadership mindsets into practise to complete the challenges. Participants must complete Leadership Practitioner before proceeding to Leadership Master. Upon completion of this stage, participants will receive a pin and earn the title of Leadership Practitioner.

Stage 3: Leadership Master

Creating the future: Use the leadership mindsets to plan community service projects. Upon completion of this stage, participants will receive a pin and earn the title of Leadership Master. Outstanding performers of the final presentation will earn the title Leadership Champion.


Upon completion of each stage, participants will receive a pin. The pin should be worn on the right chest of the uniform to indicate their success in completing the challenge.


Stage 1: Leadership Learner

Stage 2: Leadership Practitioner

Stage 3: Leadership Master


Click to download the booklet

 Download the Programme Booklet: Toolkit for Guiders


Download Supplementary Activity Resources


Click to download the booklet

Leadership Architects have specially compiled a programme logbook for Leadership Learners to record their learning progress during the Leadership Champion programme. The logbook helps Brownies, Guides and Rangers to keep track of their personal progress and does not need to be submitted for collection of programme pins. A limited number of printed copies are available. Interested units, please click here to fill in the Logbook Collection Form (While stocks last)

 Download the Programme Logbook


Click to download the booklet

The Organising Committee (Leadership Architects) has created a “Toolkit”, which includes different reflection and thinking frameworks and assets. Participants are welcome to apply the tools shared in the Toolkit to complete their proposal.

 Download the Toolkit



Collection of 'Leadership Learner' Pin

Appointed Guiders of Brownie, Guide or Ranger Units may collect the Pin from HKGGA and award it to their members who have completed Stage 1: Leadership Learner. Please complete the Pin Collection Form and submit it by post, fax, email or in person to the HKGGA Programme Department (8 Gascoigne Road, Kowloon).


The Programme Pin can be worn on the right chest of the uniform.


Click here to fill in the 'Leadership Learne' Pin Collection Form




For more details, please contact Denis Yik at 2359 6878

Last Update Date: 2022-11-03