【Level 1】 Leader Training Course

2022-2023 Leaders' Training Course for English Speaking Guiders (ELTC)


Course Objectives

  1. To enable Leader to run a Unit, help her girls understand the values of Promise & Law, provide leadership training, and build teams that work well together.
  2. To cultivate a deeper understanding of the Guiding Spirit for Leader and help her to nurture girls to become responsible citizens effectively.



Applicants should attain the age of 21 for taking the position as Unit Guider or Assistant Guider of Brownie or Guide Sections.  (However, under certain circumstances, the District Commissioner may recommend a Guide member between the age of 18 and 20, to enroll this course for recognition by the Association.)


Course Outline

  • Guiding Movement (Aim, Principles and Social Responsibilities)
  • Promise & Law
  • Duties, responsibilities, role, appointment and other qualifications of Leader
  • Activity Safety and Risk Management
  • Personal development of girls, training direction and tools
  • Unit Meeting / Training Method / Patrol System
  • Guiding Programme and Progress
  • Girl Guides Interest Badges Assessment Scheme
  • Basic Personal Foot drill
  • Enrollment Ceremony for Leader


Medium of Training



Course Particulars

57th Leaders’ Training Course For English Speaking Guiders (ELTC)

(For New Guiders of Bauhinia Division only)

Course Code: T/23/A/57ELTC

Session Date Time Venue
1st Session 8/11/2022 (Tue) 6:45-9:45pm HKGGA HQs – Exhibition Hall (2/F)
2nd Session 15/11/2022 (Tue) 6:45-9:45pm HKGGA HQs – Exhibition Hall (2/F)
3rd Session 22/11/2022 (Tue) 6:45-9:45pm HKGGA HQs – Exhibition Hall (2/F)
4th Session 29/11/2022 (Tue) 6:45-9:45pm HKGGA HQs – Exhibition Hall (2/F)
5th Session 6/12/2022 (Tue) 6:45-9:45pm (To be held online)

Venue:        HKGGA HQs (Address: 8 Gascoigne Road, Jordan, Kowloon) Map

Application Deadline: 31st October 2022 (Monday)

Course Fee: HK$200.00
(including handouts, fee for the enrolment ceremony, the appointment badge, training certificate and Leaders Training Scheme record book.  Part of the amount would be subsidized by HKGGA and Home Affairs Bureau)

Class Size:   20



HKGGA Training Team (Assistant Trainers and Certified Trainers)


Requirement for Completion of the Course

  1. Attended all training sessions (100% attendance)
  2. Completed all session assignments and group work
  3. Made the Guide Promise by the end of this course


Certificate and Appointment

Upon completion of this course, the participant can receive

  1. Training Certificate of this course
  2. Leaders Training Scheme Record Book and Leader Training Recognition Badge (Red)
  3. Appointment Card and Badge (Yellow) of the section that she belongs to - by making the Guide Promise


How to apply

Please enroll the course through Online Course Registration System (OCRS) in Girl Guides Management System (GGMS).

Click here


For applicants who have never registered as Girl Guide members before, please register as "Guider/ Unit Assistant (Brownie Guide/ Girl Guide/ Ranger Guide)". To speed up the verifying process, please fill in yout Unit number in "Previous Unit No." under "Other Information". If applicants have not been assigned to a Unit, please leave this column blank. Membership accounts of applicants would be activated after verification by the Association. (The verification process can be a time-consuming process, please wait patiently.) Once the confirmation email was sent to applicants, you can log in to GGMS and proceed with the below application.


For applicants who have already registered in GGMS as Guiders or Unit Assistant, you may fill in the application form and complete the payment directly through OCRS in GGMS.


If you have any concerns about GGMS, please feel free to contact us on 23596803.


Payment Method

Remark: All application would be approved manually by the Association in 1-2 working days. Once the application was approved, an email would be sent by the system to the applicants. Applicants would have to complete the payment within 48 hours after the approval made, or the system would cancel the application automatically,

By Credit Card: Complete Payment directly in GGMS after the approval

#Please make the cheque payable to “THE HONG KONG GIRL GUIDES ASSOCIATION” and mark your name, contact number and course code at the back of it


Bad Weather Arrangement

Please refer to the The Bad Weather and Air Pollution Arrangements of the Association.
If the session has to be cancelled or postponed, the Training Office would inform participant via SMS before the session.  A notice on further arrangements would be sent to participants via email within one week after the original scheduled date of session.


Arrangement on Prevention and Control of Disease

Participants who join the face-to-face training must comply with the requirements stipulated under Prevention and Control of Disease (Prohibition of Group Gathering) Regulation (Cap.599G) and strictly adhere to the latest Headquarters Notice on the Prevention and Control of Disease.  For latest notice please refer to the news of our website (https://www.hkgga.org.hk/en).



Application – 2359 6832 (Course Registration Office)
Course Content and Arrangements – 2359 6803 (Training Office)

Last Update Date: 2022-10-14