Programme Hints - Giving Service - Social Services

Activity: Social Services

Age Group​

Guides Section – 12-18 years old

Time needed​

60 minutes

Learning Goal

Members learn and practice different forms of social services so as to support underprivileged groups in the community.


  1. Introduce the importance and value of “services” to the Eight Point Programme.
  2. Arrange members to participate in the services organized by HKGGA. For example, maintaining orders in large-scale events, raise fund via flag selling day etc.
  3. Members share their feelings during services.


Leaders can keep track of the service recruitment notices published on the website of the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association. (


☑ Learning in small groups – When preparing social services activities, members maybe assigned to different job duties, e.g. administration, material preparation, venue arrangement, logistic support and so on. They also need to cooperate closely with different departments to run the activities smoothly.

☑ My path, my pace – There are different forms of social services, e.g. environmental protection, heritage conservation, poverty jobs, elderly services. Members can explore what they are interested in and express their concerns on that issue.

☑ Learning by doing – Members learn how to do social services and participate in different positions. They also learn the operation of a social service unit.

☑ Connecting with others – Members work close with local social service organizations and make friends with the workers, volunteers there. They also contact different target groups e.g. children, elderlies and street sleepers.

☑ Connecting with my world – Members learn to pay attention to the social problems in the society and care for the underprivileged groups. They help in the process of social construction.

How does the method give youth members a chance to take the lead? Which leadership mindsets do youth members practice in the activity?​

Members become more patient and active to achieve the mission of social construction.


Leadership mindsets practiced in the activity:

  • Responsible action mindset
  • Worldly mindset
  • Reflective mindset
  • Collabrative mindset
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Last Update Date: 2019-04-30