Interest Badge Assessor Application Form

Interest Badge Assessor Qualification Overview


  1. Persons (attained the age of 21) with good knowledge about a particular interest badge or with relevant qualifications can be invited by commissioners or guiders to become a badge assessor of one division.  All assessor applications should be assessed by badge secretary of the division, and approved by the division team and management committee. Only those approved can be appointed as badge assessor. 
  2. Each assessor can assess up to 5 interest badges/ patrol interest pennants altogether in Brownie and Guide section; while having another 5 interest certificates in Ranger section.  For interest badge with level I and II, they are considered together as one single interest badge. For the same interest badge (or same topic) in different sections, they are considered different badges. Therefore, each assessor can assess up to 10 badges in total.
  3. Approved by the management committee in November 2002, if an appointed guider is registered as badge assessor for a particular badge, she can also assess that badge for her unit.

Should you are referred by an HKGGA member and are interested in becoming a badge assessor, please fill in the following forms and return them to The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association, 8 Gascoigne Road, Kowloon:
1. Badge Assessor Application Form
2. Circular Relating to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance with Consent Form and Opt-out Request Form


Interest Badge Assessor Appointment & Duties


Last Update Date: 2022-10-31