[The Hong Kong Volunteer Award] Co-organized by the Home and Youth Affairs Bureau and the Agency for Volunteer Service




Hong Kong Volunteer Award (“HKV-Award”), a territory-wide scheme co-organized by the Home and Youth Affairs Bureau and the Agency for Volunteer Service (“AVS”) is officially launched.  HKV-Award is dedicated to recognizing the contributions and achievements of outstanding volunteers, corporations, organizations from different sectors, and cross-sectoral partnership projects.  The Award echoes the direction of government policy in motivating more people, particularly the youth, to participate in volunteering to care for the under-privileged, and in uniting the power of the community to build a caring and inclusive society.


HKV-Award includes a number of awards for volunteer hours of individuals, corporations and organizations, while the Caring Estate and Caring School awards are also set up.  Judging Panels comprised of community leaders to select outstanding volunteers, youth volunteers, and volunteer groups; outstanding corporations and non-commercial organizations; as well as outstanding collaboration projects. We endeavour to make HKV-Award a widely-recognized, impactful and credible volunteer award, inspiring more people to volunteer.



  • Promote volunteerism
  • Inspire innovative volunteer service and campaign
  • Encourage district community work and volunteer network
  • Build a caring and inclusive society
  • Promote youth volunteerism


The Hong Kong Volunteer Award issued by hours, all volunteer hours must finish between 1st January 2021 to 31st December 2021.


  1. The three highest annual volunteer hours (the top three volunteers with the highest annual service hours in each group) Senior Group (*31 years old or above) Youth group (*30 years old or below) *Born on or after December 31, 1990
  2. Gold Award for Excellence (500+Volunteer Hours)
  3. Gold Award (300+Volunteer Hours)
  4. Silver Award (100+Volunteer Hours)
  5. Bronze Award (50+Volunteer Hours)
  6. Long-term service award (individual volunteers have continuously participated in volunteer service for their own enterprises/organizations for more than 20 years and have served at least 50 hours or more each year)


E.g. Bronze Award need 50 hours or above.


For more details, please refer to the following URL:

Since the application deadline for this award is 30th September 2022, the volunteer service hours of each member are currently being collected. If you are Girl Guides member who interested in participating in the "Hong Kong Volunteer Award", please submit the completed form on or before 23rd September 2022 (Friday) by email to service.guides@hkgga.org.hk .


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