HKGGA Announcement - 7 Jan 2020

To prevent pneumonia and respiratory tract infection, and in response to the call from the Education Bureau and Centre for Health Protection, the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association appeals members to adopt the following preventive measures and maintain good personal and environmental hygiene during unit meetings or Guiding activities:


  1. When having respiratory symptoms, such as fever, cough or sneeze, symptomatic members should wear a surgical mask, seek medical advice promptly and take adequate rest at home. If one needs to be absent from the enrolled training course, workshop or activity due to illness, please inform relevant departments for alternative arrangements;
  2. If there is the need to attend Guiding activities in crowded places, members should put on mask and carry an alcohol solution for hand washing and disinfection in case hand-washing facilities are not available;
  3. Guiders should stay alert to suspected cases with acute respiratory infections, inform parents and maintain close contacts about their latest health condition. If Guiders notice an increase in fever/ pneumonia/ respiratory illness among members, please report to the Association promptly for outbreak control.


Further announcements will be made whenever receiving any latest news or guidelines from the Education Bureau and the Department of Health.


Last Update Date: 2020-01-07