World Thinking Day 2020


Every year, World Thinking Day has a different theme that Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world can learn about and take action on.


The 2019 World Thinking Day game created opportunities for the participants to practise their leadership skills by exploring the WAGGGS leadership model. This year's World Thinking Day game builds on this theme and helps us explore worldly leadership - seeing the world from the perspective of others, fostering inclusion and equity.


This year's World Thinking Day game, Living Threads, celebrates this diversity in our Movement. Using threads to represent the concept of diversity, it's designed to inspire Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to reflect on how they can put equity and inclusion into practice.  Through activities that explore the themes, 'Diversity, Equity and Inclusion', participants will increase their understanding of these concepts. They will then develop the skills to apply them in everyday life and celebrate the diversity in their communities and beyond.



Step 1

Start with "Get ready to play Living Threads" set-up activity.


Step 2

Complete 1 activity from each of the 3 themes (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion).


Step 3

#InOurHands - Reflect on what you've learnt, support WAGGGS and make a diversity bracelet with the threads you gained through playing the game.


Members can wear the "World Thinking Day 2020 Souvenir Badge" upon completion of World Thinking Day Challenge from the Activity Pack:

Section Eligible to wear on the uniform How to wear
Brownie and Guide Cloth Badge on the front of the sash, or on either side of the sleeves of the uniform
Ranger, Guider and Adult Member Metal Pin on the right chest of the uniform

The badge could be worn until 31st August 2021.


Limited quanities of World Thinking Day 2020 Cloth Badges and Metal Pins are available now at the Guide Shop! While stock lasts!


Let's Celebrate #Diversity in Girl Guiding!

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Girl Guides and Girl Scouts will follow a journey through our World Thinking Day themes from 2019 to 2021.


2019: Leadership

Guides and Girl Scouts are leaders. In 2019, learn the different ways to be a leader and develop the power to bring the change you want to see in the world.


2020: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

It's important that Guiding and Scouting is a safe and inclusive space for all to take part. In 2020, understand the concepts of diversity, equity and inclusion, and what that means for your community. 


2021: Peacebuilding

Use the knowledge and experiences you've gained in World Thinking Day 2019 and 2020 activities to take action and change your world. Choose to build peace: be a leader and create environments that include everyone.


Last Update Date: 2020-01-24