International Day of the Girl 2022

11 October was declared International Day of the Girl (IDG) by the United Nations in 2012. Ever since, Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world have been celebrating IDG every year. It is an opportunity for them to make their voices heard, be a force for change, and show how our Movement empowers girls and young women to shape the world they want to see and make a positive impact on the world all year long.


The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) has made the commitment to become a girl-led Movement by 2032 . To be truly girl-led means that, at all levels from local to global, we must create every opportunity we can to provide a brave space so that girls can speak up about their feelings, experiences and opinions. This year the Girl activity pack is not only a series of engaging activities for girls, but it is also a global #ListenToGirls youth consultation!


Youth Consultation

A youth consultation is a meaningful activity where young people are able to share their opinions in a comfortable, safe and structured environment.


#ListenToGirls Campaign 

As part of the #ListenToGirls youth consultation, you will make a pledge to use the information you gather to implement activities which are more girl-led and aligned with girls’ interests and needs. WAGGGS will use the information you provide from your youth consultation to develop initiatives which are R.E.A.L for the girls all across our Movement and advocate on the issues important to them.


Part 1: Prepare to launch!
Objective: Create your own way to introduce your group to the concept of a youth consultation, International Day of the Girl, and how the things they discuss will be used in the future.


Part 2: Ready, set, SAFE!
Objective: Choose one activity which sets a safe and brave space for the girls to participate in the youth consultation.


Part 3: Speak up!
Objective: Choose one activity to enable the girls to answer the key questions of the #ListenToGirls youth consultation. Make sure to keep the activities R.E.A.L.


Part 4: Pledge to keep it R.E.A.L!
Objective: Girls and leaders make the pledge to keep it R.E.A.L by co-creating a group activity or project to undertake in the coming 12 months based on the results gathered from the #ListenToGirls youth consultation.


Part 5 (leaders only): Send us your youth consultation results!
Objective: Send WAGGGS the results of your youth consultation before November 30, 2022. This will help us to design future projects, activities and campaigns that are truly relevant to girls.


Download the IDG 2022 Activity Pack to learn more!



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Last Update Date: 2022-10-05