The Hong Kong Girl Guides Tai Po District Association – Explore in Tai Po

Event Dates: 
2021/09/01 to 2022/02/28
Application Deadline: 

The Hong Kong Girl Guides Tai Po District Association – Explore in Tai Po

Celebrating The Hong Kong Girl Guides Tai Po District Association marching towards her 40th Anniversary & 65th Anniversary of the establishment of The Hong Kong Girl Guides New Territories Regional Association



Deepen Girl Guides’ understanding on Tai Po District


Brownies, Guides, Rangers, Happy Bee Hives and Golden Guides in Tai Po District


Participants must go to the following 10 attractions and take photos in person before February 2022, members under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult family member.

  1. Hong Kong Railway Museum
  2. Tai Po Man Mo Temple
  3. Green Hub (Old Tai Po Police Station)
  4. Spiral Lookout Tower
  5. Yuen Chau Tsai Dragon Boat Exhibition Venue
  6. Main Dam of Plover Cove Reservoir
  7. Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree
  8. Kadoorie Farm
  9. Hong Kong Science Park Charles K. Kao Auditorium
  10. Choose an attraction in Tai Po District


  • The selection method is determined by the Guiders of each team (referring to the content, quality, format etc. of the work).

For a team with 30 or more members, 1 champion, 1 runner-up, 1 second runner-up and 4 merit prizes will be awarded.
For a team of 16-29 members, 1 champion, 1 runner-up and 1 second runner-up will be awarded.
For a team with 15 or less members, only 1 champion will be awarded.

Champion (Book Coupon HKD$500), Runner-up (Book Coupon HKD$200), Second Runner-up (Book Coupon HKD$100), Merit Prize (Book Coupon HKD$50). All the coupon will be sponsored by The Hong Kong Girl Guides Tai Po District Association (For Golden Guides Units, the award could change to Supermarket Coupon). Please purchase the required quantity of coupons and keep the receipts for claiming the fees.
For claiming the fees, you should fill-in the online activity summary forms and mail the original receipts to: Principal Lee Yee King Yuky, Tai Po Methodist School, 10 Tung Leung Road, Tai Po, N.T. after the completion of activity.

  • Outstanding Participation Award (Only teams with 10 or above are eligible to join): The team with the highest participation rate will be awarded a trophy.
  • Most Participants Award: The team with the largest number of participants will be awarded a trophy.
  • All participants will be awarded a certificate for their participation. The certificate will be emailed to each team guiders for printing and issuing.

All teams should upload the winning entries to your school’s website/cloud, and submit the relevant links to The Hong Kong Girl Guides Tai Po Association by entering the online activity summary form.

How to Apply:

For teams who interested in participating the above activities, please make your application through the “Online Application form” on or before 31st October 2021.
Online Application form:


Submit your work:

Please create a report by using the photos taken in the above 10 attractions and submit your work to your guider on or before 14th February 2022. There is no limit to the form of work (e.g. a picture album, PowerPoint, etc.) but the photos must include the participant who is wearing the Girl Guides uniform or outdoor uniform.

After the activity completed, please submit the “Online Activity Summary form” on or before 28th February 2022.

Online Activity Summary Form:


For Enquires, please contact to Ms Fung (2359 6843) or Miss Chung (2359 6869).

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