GGMS-OCRS will replace our existing Online Course Registration System (OCRS)

All appointed Guiders and Leaders had been pre-reregistered a GGMS account. They can login GGMS and apply for courses/activities on GGMS-OCRS.


Register GGMS-OCRS for unit members


  • After Guiders/Leaders added unit members into GGMS and they completed registration progress, unit members can login GGMS and register for activities and courses on GGMS-OCRS page. Therefore, it is suggested that guides/leaders complete adding unit members to GGMS as soon as possible so they can apply for activities and courses more effectively. (Details could refer to


  • Users of existing OCRS system can access to GGMS-OCRS now by using “Forget Password” function to get the new password from the System.  And GGMS and GGMS-OCRS are under the same system.  If Guiders/Leaders add unit members to GGMS in late April,  unit members who already hold an GGMS-OCRS account will need to provide another email address to Guider/Leader for registering GGMS.  Email address for GGMS cannot be the same as the one registered in GGMS-OCRS.


Registration through GGMS-OCRS


GGMS-OCRS will automatically filter activities/courses that members are qualified to apply (e.g. by section, region, qualification).  Guiders can also review registration status of her unit members.  Record will be updated on member profile upon completion of the activity/course if the registration is done through GGMS-OCRS.

All existing OCRS account data has transferred to GGMS-OCRS. Most of records of activities/courses in OCRS since 2015 will be transferred to GGMS. Members will be able to see these records in GGMS later. They will also see list of qualified activities/courses on GGMS-OCRS.


Registration through GGMS-OCRS without a GGMS account.


Please check with your Guiders/Leader to see if she has already added you in the unit.  If not, our Project Team will try our best to add you in your existing unit and create GGMS account for you.  Please fill in the membership registration and register your basic information by following the instructions:


  1. Apply for “Others” by clicking the following link first:

  1. Register your basic information so that we base on your record to verify with your Guider and allocate you to your unit.


How can I combine my GGMS-OCRS account and GGMS account?


(Applicable when Guiders/Leaders have not yet added unit members to GGMS and unit members have registered as GGMS-OCRS account user)


When unit members who already hold GGMS-OCRS account are added to GGMS by their guider/leader, they can combine the two accounts. When members are in GGMS-OCRS login page, they can input their GGMS membership number in “User Profile” and save. The two accounts will be combined and unit members only need to login GGMS to register for courses/activities on GGMS-OCRS page.

Last Update Date: 2021-04-30