Words from the Chairlady

The Outstanding Girl Guide Award Election was first held in 2002 and has been organized by the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association for seventeen years. The election aims to honour the outstanding Girl Guide in each unit, to set an example for youngsters and to promote the Guiding Movement among the public.


The girls who get this award are first nominated by their Guiders and then voted by all the Girl Guides in their units. Each unit can elect one outstanding Girl Guide in this annual election. Apart from the girls’ active participation and impressive performance in the Guiding activities, we also put emphasis on their development in various other aspects such as their character, academic performance, extra-curricular activities and community services.


We hope that all Guiders can seize the opportunity to show their appreciation to the talented girls in their units, encourage them to embrace challenges and develop their fullest potential. All these will not only help the girls enrich their personal experiences, but also empower them to become responsible citizens of the world.


In order to coordinate with the awards ceremony of each district, the deadline for nominations for this year will be changed to 30 June 2020(Tue). Please go to “Schedule" for details.


Yvonne Fung

Chairlady, Outstanding Girl Guide Award 2020 Committee



Last Update Date: 2020-05-27