Outlying Islands Division Units

Outlying Islands has 22 units totally in the following section, including:


  1. Lantau Island District has the following units: (Remark: *Open Unit: 4 units)

Brownie Pack: 7 units

132 NT Pack/Po On Commercial Association Wan Ho Kan Primary School

337 NT Pack/The Salvation Army Lam Butt Chung Memorial School

343 NT Pack/H.K.F.E.W. Wong Cho Bau School

350 NT Pack/Ching Chung Hau Po Woon Primary School

*354 NT Pack/OIWA Limited

390 NT Pack/Tung Chung Catholic School

*430 NT Pack / HKGGA


Guide Company: 2 units

*354 NT Coy/OIWA Limited

390 NT Coy/Tung Chung Catholic School


Ranger: 1 unit

*Sea Ranger Ship Preserver/OIWA Limited


  1. Cheung Chau District has the following units: 

Brownie Pack: 2 units

27 NT Pack/Kwok Man School

374 NT Pack/Northern Lamma School


Guide Company: 1 unit

32 NT Coy/Cheung Chau Government Secondary School



Happy Bee Hive: 7 units

24 NT HBH/ P.L.K. Cheung Poon Mei Yee Kindergarten

27 NT HBH/Kwok Man Vernacular Normal Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten

42 NT HBH/ Tung Chung Catholic Kindergarten

49 NT HBH/ NAAC Tung Chung Day Nursery

     52 NT HBH/ Cumberland Presbyterian Church Green Pasture K/G

105 NT HBH/ Tung Chung Baptist Kindergarten

    114 NT HBH/ Buddhist Chun Yue Kindergarten (Tung Chung)


Golden Guide: 2 units

 Golden Guide Group─Wan Ho Kan Neighbourhood Elderly Centre

 Golden Guide Group─OIWA Limited


Last Update Date: 2021-08-13