Hong Kong Girl Guides Annual Parade 2018 - Souvenir Badge Design

Souvenir Badge Design


The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association is organising the Annual Parade 2018. The slogan of this event is "One O Two years of Guiding hand in hand". It aims to develop the practical volunteer services to society from the Girl Guide individually so as to build a better community in rewards. The Organising Committee organised a campaign to solicit the design of badge from Guide members. And now the campaign has just completed, total 19 entries were received and the winner of the badge design is Ms Wong Wing-Sze, the Guider of 396 NT Pack, 115 NT Coy and Sea Ranger Ship Panther.  The winning design will be used to make the event badge and give to all participants as a souvenir. Conradulations to Ms Wong Wing-sze!


Winning Design

Designed by: Ms Wong Wing-sze

Unit No.: 396 NT Pack,115 NT Coy and Sea Ranger Ship Panther



The background of the cloth badge is our Hong Kong community, which represents the dream and hope of the designer on the future society. Everyone needs to take action to sustain this beautiful community. The hand on the left is holding/growing a small sapling, which symbolizes individual's actions as well as the effort paid by our Girl Guide members to construct a better Hong Kong. Cooperation within the local community is also important. The two hands only touch but not holding each other. This is to remind and encourage people to give their hands to work with others. As long as we can influence the others, we can bring the community closer to a bright future.



Last Update Date: 2018-10-10