Programme Hints - Giving Service - Fund Raising

Activity: Fund Raising

Age Group​

Guides Section – 15-18 years old

Age Group

120 minutes, may need 2 or more unit meetings to complete

Learning Goal

Members learn to organize a fund raising activity.


  1. Members discuss with members on how to organize a fund raising activity
    1. Date, time, venue
    2. Forms of activity (For example, food and drink selling, handicraft selling, running a second-hand goods store)
    3. Division of labor
    4. Prepare the materials on the activity day
    5. How to submit the fund raised to people in need, e.g. visit to the organisation
  2. Members share their experiences and feelings after the event.

Which elements of the method are used, and how?​

☑ Learning in small groups – Members cooperate and give support to each other when organizing the activity.

☑ My path, my pace – Members can make snacks, drinks, handicraft or any other thing they love or are good at producing.

☑ Learning by doing – Members learn to be helpful and contribute in the activity. They will have more sense of belonging and sense of accomplishment.

☑ Connecting with my world – Members learn to pay attention to the social problems in the society and care for the underprivileged groups. They help in the process of social construction.

How does the method give youth members a chance to take the lead? Which leadership mindsets do youth members practice in the activity?​

Member will take the lead in coordinating the whole programme. They will be responsible for division of labor, materials arrangement, and control of expenditure.


Leadership mindsets practiced in the activity:

  • Responsible action mindset
  • Worldly mindset
  • Reflective mindset
  • Collabrative mindset
  • Creative & critical thinking mindset
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