Programme Hints - Exploring the Arts - Mosaic Photo Frame

Activity: Mosaic Photo Frame

Age Group​

Guides Section – 14-18 years old

Time needed​

60 minutes

Learning Goal​

Members learn the historical background and characteristics of Mosaic. They also learn how to use Mosaic style to make decoration.


To introduce the information of Mosaic.



To make a Mosaic photo frame:

  1. Use a hammer to break glass bottles/ mirrors into pieces/ cut them into small pieces by glass wheel nippers.
  2. Paint a photo frame with white acrylic paint. Let it dry.
  3. Glue the broken pieces on the photo frame.
  4. Mix dry grout with water and work the grout over the mosaics, pressing it into the spaces between the glass pieces.
  5. Clean the piece with a damp sponge, removing all grout off the glass pieces. Make sure the edges of the grout are even and clean.


Which elements of the method are used, and how?​

☑ My path, my pace – Members recycle the old glass bottles/plates/mirrors at home. They try to turn them into beautiful decoration.

☑ Learning by doing – Members learn to make use of different resources and recycle them into other useful products.

☑ Connecting with my world – Members know more about the Western Art Style, including the characteristics and how it developed in different places and period.

How does the method give youth members a chance to take the lead? Which leadership mindsets do youth members practice in the activity?​

Members become a creative person who is full of imagination.


Leadership mindsets practiced in the activity:

  • Creative & critical thinking mindset
  • Worldly mindset
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