Programme Hints - Brownies make things - Sewing Crafts

Activity:Sewing Crafts


Brownie Section

Time needed

30-40 minutes

Learning Goal

Members learn to use sewing machine and to sew clothes for repair. They can also design and make use of sewing skills to make a craft work.


Easy Bookmark:


Materials Needed:

  1. Fabric
  2. Small piece of elastic (1/2 inch wide is enough)



  1. Cut out 2 pieces of fabric that are about 3 inches wide by 12 inches wide. (depending on how big or small you want your bookmark.)
  2. Cut your elastic about 8 inches long.
  3. Sew your fabric with right sides together. Sew up the two long sides.
  4. Turn it right side out and press it flat.
  5. Insert your elastic at the end and sew it in place.


Easy drawstring bag:


Materials needed:


  1. 1 pieces fabric 7.75 x 9.5 inches
  2. 1 pieces ribbon



  1. Finish fabric edges. Fold fabric lengthwise, right sides together. (Folded size is 3 7/8 inches x 9.5 inches.) Using disappearing ink pen, mark points 1.5 inch and 2 inches from top on side with raw edges. The section between the markings will be the opening for the drawstring.
  2. Starting at top edge, stitch to marking, backstitch and cut thread. Start stitching again at next marking (2 inches from top). Pivot at bottom corner, stitch to folded edge, backstitch and cut threads.
  3. Press seams open. Make the top casing. Fold top edge down 1.5 inches and press. Fold edge in .5 inch and press. Pin if needed. Topstitch casing in place, stitching close to folded edge about 1 inch from top.
  4. Attach one end of ribbon to safety pin. Thread through casing. Knot ends if desired.




*If members do not know sewing skills, they can use glue (e.g. using hot melt glue) instead. Leaders can provide assistance as well.

Which elements of the method are used, and how?

☑ My path, my pace – Members learn how to use sewing machine and make some handicrafts. They also learn different sewing skills.


☑ Learning by doing – Members learn new housework skills. They can sew their clothes themselves or make decoration. They practice more to strengthen their skills.

How does the method give youth members a chance to take the lead?

Members can explore more study areas and learn more skills outside school. If they take the lead in future, they should be brave enough to accept challenges, even in the fields they are not proficient in.

How can you connect this activity to the values of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting?

Members review the skills they have learnt and suggest the new challenge they want to try. They actively develop a wide range of interests and meet more friends with same interests.

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