Programme Hints - Brownies lend a hand - Home Visit

Activity: Home Visit


Brownie Section

Time needed

60-120 minutes

Learning Goal

Members learn to take care of the elders through social services. They can also learn from the experience of the elders.


Number of participants: depend on the location of visit. Community centre can allow more participants. It is better to avoid too many visitors when arranging home visit.


Venue: the elderly center, home of elders, meeting place of Golden Guides etc.


Materials: depend on needs. Leaders can arrange members to make some snacks or handicrafts to be gifts.


Information of community organizations in Hong Kong:

Which elements of the method are used, and how?

☑ My path, my pace – Members make good use of their skills and make some gifts for the elders, such as snacks or handicrafts. They chat with the elders too.


☑ Learning by doing – Members learn to communicate with the elders. For example, they can take care them by helping in cleaning works etc.  


☑Connecting with others – Members understand the importance of connecting people in the community. Instead of spending time with them, they also need to listen to their needs patiently.


☑Connecting with my world – Members learn to care for the disadvantaged groups in the society. They spend more time with the elders. They can improve the relationship and cohesion among people in the community.

How does the method give youth members a chance to take the lead?

Members become more patient and perseverant. As many elders have problems on hearing, speaking and understanding, members need to listen to them carefully and may repeat answering the same question. Members develop a sense of caring the community and take it as a mission.

How can you connect this activity to the values of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting?

Members review and share their feelings when getting along with the elders after the activity. They learn to respect people and the differences between individuals. They are also willing to contribute and help people in needed.

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Last Update Date: 2017-09-04