Programme Hints - Brownies keep fit - Barefoot Games

Activity: Barefoot Games


Brownie Section

Time needed

20 minutes for each game

Learning Goal

Foot is the one of the most commonly used parts of body. It frequently suffers from pressure during walking and exercising. These activities will train up the muscles of members at ankle, heel, toes, etc, to increase the flexibility of foot movement and reduce the chance of injury.


Note: Leaders need to check carefully the feet hygiene with members. If members are infected by athlete's foot or other viruses, they should avoid participating in the game which need foot contact with others.


Game 1: Draw by toes


Leaders tell a member the name of an item secretly. The member then try to use toes to lift up a pen and draw the item out on the paper.  


Other members guess what the item is. The painter can only answer “yes” or “no”.


If anyone give a correct guess, choose another member to be painter and start next ground.


The fastest team, which complete all questions, will win the game.


Game 2: Walk on the towel


Members stand on the towel and use their toes to fold up the towel. The fastest member will win the game


Game 3: Draw in the air


Member sit on a chair, lift up and move their feet to draw the item as describe by the leader.


Game 4: Knot by toes


Use toes to roll a scarf into rope-like shape and make it into a reef knot and so on.  


Game 5: Moving marbles


Leaders give a tray to each team, and put a bag of marbles in the middle of the activity room. Members need to transfer the marbles from the bag to the tray by toes.


Which elements of the method are used, and how?

☑ Learning in small groups – Members take turns to be the “painter” and the “guessing person” in Game 1 “Drawing by toes”. They need to look at each other for interaction, and this encourages mutual support.


☑ My path, my pace – The games introduce other ways to train up different parts of feet.  


☑ Learning by doing – The games  practice the use of small muscles. Since these muscles are seldom used in life, members may find it difficult to control the muscles when knotting or folding up towels by toes. Members learn to be patient and practice regularly.


☑Connecting with others – The games encourage members to coordinate with each other. Members who have completed the tasks successfully can teach others the skills and share their experiences.


How does the method give youth members a chance to take the lead?

Members learn to be patient when exercising and challenge their physical skills


How can you connect this activity to the values of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting?

Discuss with members of the purposes of game. Members develop team spirit through teamwork. They also learn to appreciate and respect their bodies, and develop good characters.

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