Programme Hints - Brownies enjoy the out-of-doors - Be a good listener

Activity: Be a good listener


Brownie Section

Time needed

30 minutes

Learning Goal

Members observe different sounds from the natural environment and try to explore some sounds that cannot be found in the city. Members relax themselves in a natural world and enjoy the time outdoors.


Prepare some brown papers, cut them into ear-shape, and give each team a pair of ears.


Ask members to walk around, write down the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ sounds on the paper ears respectively.


Share with other members what kind of sounds they have found and why some are regarded as ‘good’ but some are regarded as ‘bad’.


Which elements of the method are used, and how?

☑ Learning in small groups – Members go outdoors together and discuss what kind of sounds are pleasant to listen to and what are unpleasant to hear.


☑ Learning by doing – Members share what they like and dislike, learn to enjoy the pleasant sounds in the nature. They are also free to express their dissatisfaction to some noises.


☑Connecting with my world – Members go to the community and go outdoors to observe the environment and the surrounding societies.  


How does the method give youth members a chance to take the lead?

Members try to use other physical senses to observe the community. They share their personal views bravely.


How can you connect this activity to the values of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting?

Members understand that God helps create the beautiful nature. They learn to preserve the environment and contribute in maintaining ecological balance.


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Last Update Date: 2017-09-04