Programme Hints - Brownies are friendly - Make a new friend: Lining up as snake


Activity:Make a new friend – Lining up as snake


Brownie Section

Time needed

20-30 minutes

Learning Goal

Members learn the skills and courage of making new friends. They are encouraged to take initiative to contact with people, and speak loud to do self-introduction in front of crowd.


Leaders ask members to write their names on papers.


Leaders invite members to collect the name card one by one. Use adhesive tape to stick the name card at the back of each member, with the names displayed to the audience. Avoid others from seeing the name cards before the start of the game.


When the leaders announce the start of the game, members need to find the name card with their own names as soon as possible. Then, standing behind that girl, putting hands on her shoulders and lining up as a snake.


There is the possibility of forming a long queue, one big circle or 2 or more small circles. Members can read out their own name and make a self-introduction.

Which elements of the method are used, and how?

☑ Learning in small groups – Members introduce themselves to each other. They are capable to make friends in different ages and with different interests.


☑ My path, my pace – Members feel free to do self-introduction in different style, and to present their own personality, interests, strengths and so on. 


☑ Learning by doing – Members learn the skill of making public speech and build up self-confidence.


☑Connecting with others – Everyone participates actively in the game, they connect and talk with members with different backgrounds, characters and interests.

How does the method give youth members a chance to take the lead?

During the activity, members make a speech publicly, just like what a leader usually does. Other members need to pay attention and listen to what she says. It is essential for a leader to express her views clearly in front of a team.

How can you connect this activity to the values of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting?

Members establish new friendships when they are searching for their names in the game. This also improves their initiative to expand the social networks.

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Last Update Date: 2017-09-04