Programme Enrichment Scheme (PES)

1. Encourage units from all sections to plan and execute quality enriching programmes.
2. Encourage Joint-unit activities in order to provide more exchange opportunities for girls from different units or among the same district.
3. Encourage more guider training or sharing activities to be organized by division, so as to enhance the activities planning skil of guiders.

1. All divisions, district and units (Happy Bee Hive, Brownie Pack, Guide Company, Ranger Guide unit and Golden Guide Group) under HKGGA are eligible to apply.
2. Each unit should not submit more than 1 activity plan within 6 months.

Enrollment Method:
1. The application form can be obtained from Region Development Department or download from the HQ website.

2. Unit application:
   - Application and activity proposal should be submitted 3 months before the activity, endorsed by district commissioner and approved in development team via Region Development Department. 

    District/Division/Region application: 
  - Application should be submitted together with Region/Division yeraly plan in July or August, and verified by assistant cheif commissioner.

3. Sucessful applicant will be informed within one month after approval from the assessment committee.

Assessment Criteria:
1. Quality of project proposal 
 - The project must be conceptually sound, have clear objectives and innovative ideas. In addition, the project should be comprehensive in its design, feasible and supported by people with the appropriate qualifications and experience. 
2. Cost effectiveness
 - The project should be cost-effective in relation to the desired goal, scale of the project and the amount of participants, a detailed and well-thought budget plan has to be submitted.
3. Comprehensiveness
 - The project should be with clear objective, through planning of execution and organization, continuity of the project or future follow up also have to be indicated.
4. Feasibility 
 - The project should accomodate different target participants' ability, reach the goal of this scheme and fit the needs of society.
5. Innovativeness
 - The project content, procedure or methodology should be innovative, with creative ideas and be able to cope with foreseeable limitation flexibly.
6. Educational 
 - The participants of the project have to be encouraged and able to learn certain knowledge and skills through the programmes. 

Reminder note:
1. Sucessful applicant (Guider/Project person-in-charge) should report their progress to district commissioner/ assistant chief commissioner regularly.
2. Appropriate fee should be collected from the participants and the project cost should be shared by members and unit/district/ The HQ subsidy will only cover administrative cost and programme cost, all surplus should be refunded to The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association.
3. If the project progress is not satisfactory. the assessment committee reserves the right to ask for the subsidy refund.
4. The evaluation report, receipts with financial report and photo album should be submitted to the assessment committee via region development department within 1 month upon completion of the project.
5. The required equipment and tools in the project should be prepared by unit or division as the subsidy will not cover the purchase of those materials.

Nature and scope of projects covered  Suggested Programmes
1. Guide Skills Training
2. Division-based guider training, sharing activity
3. District-based activity
4. Joint-unit activity 
5. unit activity 
Camping, outdoor cooking, campfire skill training
(Except badge assessing activity)

Guiders' sharing day/ workshop
Thinking day activity 

For enquires, please contact Region Admin Staff at 2568 8066

PES Guideline (Download)

Unit Application (Download)
District/Division/Region application (Download)

Evaluation report - Unit (Download)
Evaluation report - District/Division/Region (Download)

Last Update Date: 2019-08-27