Leader Training Scheme

Progress in Training


The HKGGA Trainng Scheme for Leaders aims to develop outstanding leaders who enable girls in their units to become community leaders and gobal citizens.


Guiding is a means of developing caring leaders and responsible citizens.  It is delivered as "girls learning by doing" in an enjoyable fun filled way.


The updated Training Scheme for Leaders is a 5-level progressive orderly scheme that uses "learning by doing" with leaders so thay can use this method with their girls.  It has a diverse list of skills, knowledge and abilities that Leaders should acquire so that they can nurture girls to achieve their full potential as Global Citizens.


Level 1 gives you, the Leader, the basic knowledge of Guiding and Method of delivery to start your journey forward as a passionate leader.  As you progress through the next 4 levels, you will develop a deeper understanding of Guiding Knowledge, Skills and abilities will empower you to enable your girls to reach their fullest potential as future community leaders and global citizens.


The longer you stay, the more qualified you become.


"Once a Guide, always a Guide".


Your progress is documented in the Leader Trainng Scheme Record Book.  This will assist you to record the progressive levels in Training and the new challenges you need to give the maximun opportunity for you to develop leadership of and for women.


Leader Training Scheme - Preface

Level 1

Level 2 (Part I & II)

Level 3 (Part I & II)

Level 4 (Part I, II & III)

Level 5 (Part I, II & III)



Last Update Date: 2017-07-10