Happy Bee Hive Annual Registration and Membership Census Form


In order to enhance the bounding for Happy Bee Hives and maintain close contact with Commissioners and HQ Staff, Leaders must complete Annual Registration and Membership Census form on or before December 31 each year (ie September to next year August this year) to ensure the information are kept updated at HQs for program planning, statistical and record purposes.


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Circular Relating to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance with Consent Form and Opt-out Request Form [For persons of 18 years of age and over]
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Remarks: Happy Bee Hives are under the caring of  the Assistant Division Commissioner and Affilicated Members Department  (AMD) at HQ. If you have any questions on Happy Bee matters, please contact the Staff of AMD at 23596857 / 23596828  or email to amd@hkgga.org.hk,  If your unit have any changes on Sponoring Authority i/c, Leaders, members, unit meeting information etc, please fill in the Unit Information Amendment Form as below:

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Last Update Date: 2020-11-17