Constitution; Policy, Organization and Rule; and Awards Nomination

1. The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association - Constitution


2. Policy, Organization and Rules :


The POR were altered by a special resolution passed at the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Council on March 20, 2019.   


Policy, Organisation and Rules


Handbook on Awards 


Handbook on Uniform



3.  Awards nominations can be made by the Council Member of the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association to confer HKGGA awards to members and non-members.  The nomination forms must reach the Honorary Secretary of the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association at 1/F, No. 8 Gascoigne Road, Kowloon on or before 6:00 pm on 3 July 2019 (Wednesday).  Late nominations might not be considered.


For details, please refer to the Awards Nomination Guidelines and fill in the nomination forms accordingly.


Awards Nomination Guidelines


Awards Nomination Form (pdf format) / (word format)



Last Update Date: 2019-03-21