Tin Shui Wai Pansy Ho Activity Centre (Courses-January to March 2022)

Event Dates: 
2021/12/08 to 2022/03/31
Application Deadline: 

Tin Shui Wai Pansy Ho Activity Centre

(Courses-January to March 2022)


【Courses marked with “ ﹡”can be registered from 8th December, 2021 (WED) by members who are now taking the related courses.】
Activities from January to March 2022 will begin accepting member registrations at 9:30 AM on 12
th December, 2021 (SUN).





12th December, 2021 (SUN)
9:30 AM
December, 2021 (FRI)
6:30 PM

Activity Registration

-Online: https://bit.ly/3Dm6Qra+


-In person: Please bring along your valid membership card and the completed application form


18thDecember, 2021 (SAT)

December, 2021 (SUN)

Drawing Lots

21stDecember, 2021 (TUE)

Results Announcement

All successful members will receive calls from Centre

21stDecember, 2021 (TUE) TO
28th December, 2021 (TUE)


-All successful members should pay fees before 26/9/2021
-For those who are overdue will be considered as abstaining, and the vacancy will be replaced by the waiting list members

29th December, 2021 (WED)

Activity Enrollment for Public

Course registration is available on a“first-come, first-served" basis


Public Registration (29th December,2021) 

To facilitate our members to register the courses, members can download the Activity Application Form by themselves. Members should bring along the completed form and valid membership card to Centre on or after 29th December, 2021 in person.

*Course registration is available on a“first-come, first-served" basis.

Activity Application Form (Only applicable for the period of public enrollment on or after 29/12/2021)




Koi Shaped Coconut Glutinous Cake, Crispy Pouches, Egg and Milk Pudding, Fruit Pancake, Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Muffins, Cheese Straw, Fruit tarts, Cheese and Tuna Pastry


Pastel Painting Class for Children, Chinese Brush Painting Classes for Children, Calligraphy for Children, Drawing Classes (A)&(B), Ukulele Class (A)&(B), DIY Quicksand Wish Bottle, Lion Dance Craft, DIY Empty Galaxy Bottles, Chinese New Year Craft, DIY New Year's Lucky Bag, DIY Spring Couplets, The God of Fortune Crystal Ball, New Year Photo Frame, Mini Potted Plant Workshop, Macaron Candle Workshop, Chinese Brush Painting Classes for Adults (A)&(B), Calligraphy for Adults, Handmade Skin Care Product Workshop


Rope Skipping Classes (A)&(B), Taekwon-Do(A),(B)&(C), K-pop Enlightenment Class, Chinese Dance Class for Children, Latin Dancing Classes for Children(Beginner)&(Advanced), Tai Chi(A)&(B), Rouliqiu Class for Women, Yoga Classes,  Yoga Wheel Classes, Belly Dance Class, Health Care Courses, Health Qigong Class, Health Perspective Seminar A&B


DIY Pressed Flower Coaster Workshop, Hand-painted Canvas Bag Workshop, Letter Phonics Class, Finger Mental Arithmetic Class, English Vocabulary Class, Mathematics Improvement Class, Olympic Mathematics Class, Visit-Tree Top Cottage, Visit-Anchor House, Visit-Wiseland Adventure, Visit- Kong Sang Organic Farm, Art Exhibition, Online Sharing Pottery Works, Be a Happy Family Carnival

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