Tin Shui Wai Pansy Ho Activity Centre (Courses-May to June 2021) (Cooking,Arts and Others))

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Tin Shui Wai Pansy Ho Activity Centre

(Courses-May to June 2021)

(Cooking,Arts and Others)


Activities from May to June 2021 will begin accepting member registrations at 9:30 AM on 29th April, 2021 (THUR).





29th April, 2021 (THUR)
9:30 AM
4th May, 2021 (TUE)
6:30 PM


*1st May is public holiday, in-person registration will not be available on that day

Activity Registration

-Online: https://rb.gy/pce3tt



-In person: Please bring along your valid membership card and the completed application form


5th May, 2021 (WED)

Drawing Lots

6th May, 2021 (THUR)

Results Announcement

All successful members will receive calls from centre

6th May, 2021 (THUR) TO
8th May, 2021 (SAT)


-All successful members should pay fees before 8/5/2021
-For those who are overdue will be considered as abstaining, and the vacancy will be replaced by the waiting list members

9th May, 2021 (SUN)

Activity Enrollment for Public

Course registration is available on a“first-come, first-served" basis




Public Registration (9th May,2021) 

To facilitate our members to register the courses, members can download the Activity Application Form by themselves. Members should bring along the completed form and valid membership card to Centre on or after 9th May, 2021 in person.

*Course registration is available on a“first-come, first-served" basis.


Activity Application Form (Only applicable for the period of public enrollment on or after 9/5/2021)





Yakult Cheesecake, White Cream Wafers with Cheese, Lemon Tart, Super Rich Chocolate Cake, Beef Stuffed Potato Pancake, Nuts Filled Pancake, Banana Chocolate Tart, French Tomato Ham Bread with Salted Egg Cucumber Sauce, Vietnamese Black Eye Beans Pudding, Red Dates Cake, Cream Crepe Cake Classes


Arts and Others


Pottery Class - Wheel Throwing A&B, Pottery Class – Pinching A&B, DIY workshop – 3D Clay Photo Frame, DIY workshop – Paper Pulp Painting, DIY workshop – Crystal Stickers Painting, Wooden Chair Workshop, Leather Workshop A&B, Parent-child Board Game Day (A) &(B), DIY Mosquito repellent and Anti-Itch Balm Workshop, Handmade Soap Workshops, Sand Painting, Pour Over and Latte Art Coffee Workshop, 2D Cartoon Latte Art Coffee Workshop, Happy Organic Farm 2021-2022 (1st Stage)

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