【Level 2】Leadership/Guiding Skills Workshop (Elementary Level) – How you can help you and your girls make successful presentations and speak in public Workshop

Event Dates: 
2020/01/08 to 2020/01/15
Application Deadline: 


  1. How to attract the interest and attention of audience
  2. How to convey the message clearly
  3. Demonstrate giving and receiving feedback
  4. Active listening and effective questioning skills
  5. Handle and overcome barriers to communication
  6. How to establish relationship and how to communicate with persons who are different from your style
  7. Apply proved ways to develop better interpersonal skills




1.     Present Appointed Guider of any section, Leader of Happy Bee / Golden Guide, or Commissioner

2.     Suitable for Leader who has completed Level 1 of the Leader Training Scheme

Remark: Please submit the copy of ‘Leader Training Scheme Record – Level I’


Graduation Requirement


1.     Attend 100% of the session

2.     Complete the session assignment


 Course Details

Course Name

How you can help you and your girls make successful presentations and speak in public Workshop (English Class)

Course Code

T20A/ P&CE


1st lesson: 5 February 2020 (Wednesday) 8 Jan 2020 (Wed)

2nd lesson: 12 February 2020 (Wednesday) 15 Jan 2020 (Wed)


7:00pm – 10:00pm


Exhibition Hall, 2/F, HQ

Medium of Instruction


Dress Code

Outdoor Uniform



(If the capacity less than 5, the workshop will be cancelled)


$100.00 (Parts of the course fees are subsidized by HKGGA)


6 January 2020 (Monday) 9 Dec 2019 (Mon)


Remarks :     

  1. You are required to attend 100% of the sessions in order to fulfil the course completion requirements.
  2. Please do not send CASH / POST-DATED CHEQUE / POSTAL ORDER with application.
  3. When typhoon No. 1 signal is hoisted, all Leaders Training Scheme will carry on. All the courses will be cancelled when typhoon No.8 signal is hoisted. When typhoon No.3 signal is hoisted, the Association will decide whether to carry on or to postpone the Training Session 3 hours before the LTS and at 12:00noon for Overnight Camp. Please contact HQ at 2332 5523 for further information.
  4. When a black rainstorm signal is hoisted, all courses are cancelled.
  5. An alternate session notice will be sent to participants within one week.
  6. No parking spaces provided at headquarters on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday.


Payment Method:

Please send your application form together with a cheque (payable to: THE HONG KONG GIRL GUIDES ASSOCIATION).

Addressed to The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association, 8 Gascoigne Road, Kowloon


Course Application Form

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