Create New Lyrics for《When We Shine》

Event Dates: 
2017/11/07 to 2018/01/08
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Create Lyrics for《When We Shine》in a New Language

For the Chance to Win a Scholarship to Sangam!


In 2016, Sangam (one of the WAGGGS World Centres located in India) ran a very unique event called Arts4Change. Participants and local citizens came together and revitalized their communities by implementing the Arts– Drama, Dance, Photography and Visual Art. This helped make the communities more lively, beautiful and resilient.


Music is a world language. People from all over the world, no matter what country, nationality, mother language and culture they are in, can connect with each other by feeling the stories in music.


In the Arts4Change event in 2016, participants wrote, recorded and produced a song called “When We Shine” and spread the power of music throughout the world. We now have #WhenWeShine in 5 languages – English, Malagasy, Hindi, Burmese and Spanish. This year, we are encouraging people to make a recording of #WhenWeShine in their own languages other than these and share their Guiding experience with world citizens!


Send your recording of When We Shine in a new language to HKGGA Programme Department for the chance to receive an Automatic event fee scholarship to attend a leadership event at Sangam!


Event Details:

Requirements: Entrants must create new lyrics in a new language that does not already have a “When We Shine” version (Hint: There's no Cantonese version yet!). Entrants must record the whole song complete with vocals and music.

File format: mp3 or wav audio file. No video required.

Download the original song and the backing and karaoke tracks here:

How to submit: Email your recording to HKGGA Programme Department at

Deadline: 6p.m., 8 January 2018(Monday)


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Last Update Date: 2018-01-29