SDG7 Affordable and Clean Energy - An Eco-Friendly Toy Car

SDG7 Affordable and Clean Energy

An Eco-Friendly Toy Car


Energy is important for a quality of life and for all people around the world. The United Nations therefore proposed SDG7 "Affordable and Clean Energy", adopting more sustainable ways of use of energy that would cause less environmental problems to our nature.


Let's make an eco-friendly toy car together with our girl guieds!



  1. Tape two straws to one side of a plastic bottle/can/carton and put the wooden skewers through the straws. These will form your axles. Poke a hole in the center of each plastic bottle cap. Press each bottle cap onto the ends of the wooden skewers. These will form your wheels.


         2. Tape the neck of the balloon around one end of the other straw. Wrap the tape tightly so the connection is airtight. Fix it to the other side of the plastic bottle.


         3. Blow through the straw to inflate the balloon. Release your finger and let the car go.




The air you blow in to inflate the balloon will be converted to the kinetic energy. When you release the finger, the air escapes from the balloon and push the car forward.


Let's come and see the demonstration!


Last Update Date: 2018-10-19