Eight Themes are the basic elements of Happy Bee Programme.

Lower level K2 Upper level K3
Happy Happy
Healthy Healthy
Obedient Responsible
Neat and polite Diligent
Kind Helpful
Competent Thoughtful
Environmental friendly Environmental friendly
World citizen World citizen



I promise my parents and teachers that:

1. I will love my family

2. I will love my friends

3. I will love nature.


Happy Bee Programme and Progress

Mode of activities

  • The programme consists of interesting games and activities, which correlate with the kindergarten curriculum. 
  • The aim of the programme is to have the support and involvement of the parents. Parents are encouraged to participate in games and activities together with their children at home.
  • This enables them to have a better understanding of their children's needs and growth.The aim of the programme is to satisfy the curiosity of children, arouse their interest in various activities and also to help in the development of their inter-personal skills.

I、Pre enrollement challenge

  • Happy Bee Song

II. Eight Themes unit challenge

Children will be rewarded with a sticker each on the Handbook after the completion of each unit.

III. Fly-up to Brownies (for girls) or other uniformed groups.



Last Update Date: 2021-05-03