Island Centre Booking Instructions, Enquiries & Venue Reservation


Booking Instructions, Application Procedures

Booking Instructions

1. The Centre only accepts application on behalf of members and organizations Individual or immediate applications will not be accepted.

2. Members may apply for the use of venue 6 months in advance. All applications will be processed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

3. Applicants must be over age 21.

4. Applicants must read the booking instructions, Centre pamphlets and user's regulations before making any applications.

5. All payments are non-refundable except for extreme weather conditions (Please refer to the User's Regulation for details).


Reservations and Application Procedures

1. Reservations have to be made via telephone, fax or e-mail.  Successful applicants have to submit the completed application forms with full payment on or before the deadline, which is two weeks before the reserved date. The application forms, Centre information and user's regulations should be downloaded directly from our website ( Reservations would be considered void if the applicant failed to submit the relevant payment before deadline. The reservation would be cancelled automatically and the venue would be allocated to users on the waiting list.

2. Please complete and return the application form with full payment (cheque) to "The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association" before deadline.

(post-dated cheque and cash by post are not acceptable)

3. The confirmation email, receipt (if any) and relevant information will be sent to the correspondence address of the applicant upon completion of the application.

4. Please visit the Centre in person for any reservations within 2 weeks in advance.

5. Any amendments to the number of users or arrival time after application must be reported to and approved by the Centre Office beforehand.

6. The Centre reserves the rights to cancel reservations and amend the above regulations at any time.


Enquires & Reservations

Address: Room 604, 6th Floor, Oi Sin House, Oi Tung Estate, Sau Kei Wan, Hong Kong Island

Tel: 2568 8066

Fax: 2782 6466




Application can be made 6 months in advance. (Girl Guide Members Only)

Time Slots for Booking: Monday to Friday (9am to 6pm), Saturday (2 to 6 pm)




Last Update Date: 2017-09-22