Distinguished Girl Guide Award - Words from the Chairlady

Distinguished Girl Guide Award 2020 is a programme aims to give formal recognition to the Girl Guides who have set the best example to their contemporaries and to raise public awareness of the outstanding accomplishments of Girl Guides.


We hope that all Guiders can seize the opportunity to show their appreciation to the talented girls in their units, encourage them to embrace challenges and develop their fullest potential. All these will not only help the girls enrich their personal experiences, but also empower them to become responsible citizens of the world.


The Selection sections include the Brownies, Guides, Rangers and Special Unit. The awardees will be awarded certificate and medal.


To ensure a fair and transparent selection, we have invited a diverse group of professionals, community leaders and chief commissioners to be our judges.


Yuky Cheng

Chairlady, Distinguished Girl Guide Award 2020

Last Update Date: 2020-03-09