The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant “Intergenerational Responsible Citizenship Project”2020-2023

"Joy + Fit" Ambassador Badge


e-Logbook and e-Training kit (English version) are now uploaded!



"Joy + Fit" Ambassador Scheme

"Inherit • Leap • Live Up Your Good Life" is  the theme of Intergenerational Responsible Citizenship Projects in 2020-2023 . To draw Girl Guides’attention to physical, mental and spiritual health, the Project introduces the "Joy + Fit" Ambassador Badge.



The idea of "Joy + Fit" is to hope everyone will live a happy life with good physical, mental and spiritual health.  Because of the changes in the social environment and challenges in life, it is exceptionally important for us to have a positive mindset and proactive attitude.  The design of the "Joy + Fit" Ambassador Badge aims to enable Girl Guides to unleash their potential, be happy at all times, take care of their physical, mental and spiritual health, influence their family and friends, as well as to fill the community with positive energy.


How to earn?

Among the 10 aspects of the "Joy + Fit" Live Concept, Happy Bees/ Brownies/ Guides/ Rangers/ Golden Guides must fulfill the requirements and complete the activities or challenges of at least 6 aspects, and have their logbooks signed by their parents or Leaders / Guiders by 28 February 2023.

Happy Bee Cloth Badge

Brownie Metal Pin Guide Metal Pin
Ranger Metal Pin Golden Guide Metal Pin Guider/ Leader Metal Pin


How & when to wear?

Happy Bees can wear the badge on the right sleeve of the uniform whereas Brownies, Guides, Rangers, Golden Guides and Guiders/ Leaders, can wear the pin on the right chest of the uniform.  The "Joy + Fit" Ambassador Badge can be worn until 31 December 2024.


e-Logbook and e-Training Kit (English Version)

Logbooks for Brownie and Guide are applicable to Special Unit Guides.

Download Download Download
Download Download Download


How to collect the "Joy + Fit" Ambassador Badge

When members completed the Logbooks, Guiders/Leaders can apply the ''Joy + Fit'' Ambassador Badge. Please complete and return the application form with a questionaire, at least one copy of the finished Logbook and a few photos to the Affiliated Members Department by email ( or fax (2332 5156) or mail.


Application form for Badge


(Chinese version)




Please contact the staff of the Affiliated Members Department (AMD):

Ms Hayley Yeung, Project Assistant     Tel: 2359 6886     Email:

Last Update Date: 2022-02-04