AYP Introduction



The Hong Kong Award for Young People is an international youth activities program, to meet the different needs and interests of all young people. With its flexible rewards program, participants can choose to participate in the different activities with the help from adult volunteers. To obtain the award, participants must complete all sections, named Services, Expeditions, Skills and Physical Recreation (Gold Participants are required to complete an extra Residential Project).


The program encourages young people to get more contact with the outside world, to learn to serve others, to exercise, cultivate the spirit of exploration, and develop personal interests and potential, as well as social skills training.


While carrying out activities, participants could be developed both in body and mind. In addition to be self-discipline and independent, they could build up a sense of responsibility and the spirit of perseverance, to conduct themselves for great benefits.




Balanced Development


The program allow participants to practice the balanced life between school and extracurricular activities / work and after work activities.

Participants need to complete four or five section activities, including physical training, development of personal interests, interpersonal skills and community service, etc., which develop the participant physically and mentally.


Great flexibility


Provided that they meet the minimum age requirements, participants can start from any level without mandatory from bronze, which gives participants greater flexibility to obtain the award depends on their individual abilities and time constraints.

Participants can also manage the time by themselves.  They can participate in their spare time after school or after work.  They can decide when to start the next activity after completion of one. Basically, as long as the participants complete the activities from any level before their 25th birthday, they can be awarded with a certificate and badge.




The program focuses on participation rather than competition. It would be the participants’ own achievement upon their performance, according to their set targets rather than to attain a level of standard, and without comparison with other participants. Everyone can be awarded when they have completed their own planned activities. The aim of the program is challenge to themselves.


Voluntary participation


Rewards program activities is not a course, nor a set of training activities. There are no set of standard to follow.  The participants have to design their own way of participation: Plan themselves to start from which level and begin with which section.  They have to look for the right activities, to schedule events and time, in order to become more proactive.

Last Update Date: 2016-08-31