Island East Division Units

Island East Division has 112 units in total in the following sections, including:

  • Happy Bee Hive
  • Browine
  • Guide
  • Ranger
  • Golden Guide
  1. Chai Wan District has the following units:

Brownie Pack: 4 units

67 IS Pack (P.2)/Meng Tak Catholic School

92 IS Pack/YMCA Chai Wan Centre

154 IS PACK/SKH Chai Wan St. Michael's Primary School

160 IS PACK/ELCHK Faith Love Lutheran School

Guide Company7 units

19 IS Coy/Precious Blood Secondary School

21 IS Coy/Fukien Secondary School (Siu Sai Wan)

57 IS Coy/Lingnan Secondary School

82 IS Coy/The Chinese Foundation Secondary School

92 IS Coy/YMCA Chai Wan Centre

94 IS Coy/Caritas Chai Wan Marden Foundation Secondary School

111 IS Coy/Rotary Club of HK Island West Hong Chi Morninghope School


  1. Shau Kei Wan District has the following units:(Remark:*Open Unit: 7 units)

Brownie Pack: 10 units

26 IS Pack A/Canossa School (Hong Kong)

62 IS Pack/Tai Koo Primary School

* 77 IS Pack/HKGGA

81 IS Pack A/The Christian Church in China Kei Wan Primary School (Aldrich Bay)

81 IS Pack B/The Christian Church in China Kei Wan Primary School

87 IS Pack A/The Hong Kong Chinese Women's Club Hioe Tjo Yoeng Primary School

*88 IS Pack A / HKGGA

*88 IS Pack B / HKGGA

133 IS Pack/Shanghai Alumni Primary School

143 IS Pack/YMCA Kornhill Centre 

Guide Company:9 units

16 IS Coy/St. Mark's School

23 IS Coy/Shau Kei Wan Government Secondary School

26 IS Coy/Canossa College

38 IS Coy/Shau Kei Wan East Government Secondary School

84 IS Coy/Hong Kong Chinese Women's Club College

*88 IS Coy A / HKGGA

*88 IS Coy B / HKGGA

128 IS Coy/Munsang College(Hong Kong Island)

143 IS Coy/YMCA Kornhill Centre

Ranger:3 units

*Air Ranger (Dakota) Unit / HKGGA

*Sea Ranger Ship Anson / HKGGA

128 IS RGSU/Munsang College(Hong Kong Island)


  1. North Point District has the following units(Remark:*Open Unit: 3 unit

Brownie Pack:11 units

41 IS Pack/North Point Methodist Primary School

*50 IS Pack/HKPA Jockey Club North Point Integrated Service Centre For Children & Youth

59 IS Pack A/Kiangsu & Chekiang Primary School

59 IS Pack B/Kiangsu & Chekiang Primary School

70 IS Pack A/North Point Government Primary School

70 IS Pack B/North Point Government Primary School

122 IS Pack A/SKH St. Michael's Primary School

126 IS Pack/Chan's Creative School (H.K.Island)

150 IS Pack/Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited

*165 IS Pack/The Pacific Palisades
*166 IS Pack/Le Sommet

Guide Company:4 units

29 IS Coy/Clementi Secondary School

48 IS Coy / Pui Kiu Middle School

52 IS Coy/TWGH Lee Ching Dea Memorial College

120 IS Coy/Belilios Public School


  1. Causewaybay District has the following units:(Remark:*Open Unit: 3 units)

Brownie Pack: 8 units

7 IS Pack A/St. Paul's Convent School (Primary Section)

7 IS Pack B/St. Paul's Convent School (Primary Section)

7 IS Pack C/St. Paul's Convent School (Primary Section)

7 IS Pack D/St. Paul's Convent School (Primary Section)

*55 IS Pack  (P. 1-2)/South China Athletic Association

63 IS Pack  (P. 1-2)/PLK Gold & Silver Exchange Society Pershing Tsang School

148 IS Pack  (P. 1-2)/The HK Buddhist Assn Children & Youth Centre

164 IS Pack /   PLK Fung Ching Memorial Primary School

Guide Company: 6 units

6 IS Coy/Buddhist Wong Fung Ling College

7 IS Coy/St. Paul's Convent School (Secondary School Section)

15 IS Coy/Hotung Secondary School

*55 IS Coy/South China Athletic Association

85 IS Coy/Tai Hang Residents' Welfare Association Tai Hang Youth Centre

97 IS Coy/True Light Middle School of Hong Kong

Ranger: 2 units

*Air Ranger (Anson) Unit / South China Athletic Association

7 IS RGSU/St. Paul's Convent School (Secondary School Section)


  1. Happy Valley District has the following units:(Remark:*Open Unit: 1 units)

Brownie Pack: 10 units

5 IS Pack A/Marymount Primary School

25 IS Pack A/St. Paul's Primary Catholic School

25 IS Pack B/St. Paul's Primary Catholic School

25 IS Pack C/St. Paul's Primary Catholic School

25 IS Pack D /St. Paul's Primary Catholic School

30 IS Pack A/Precious Blood Primary School

30 IS Pack B/Precious Blood Primary School

37 IS Pack/Rosaryhill School (Primary Section)

78 IS Pack/Po Kok Primary School

*168 IS Pack/The Leighton Hill

Guide Company: 3 units

5 IS Coy/Marymount Secondary School

25 IS Coy/St. Paul's Secondary School

49 IS Coy/Hong Chi Lions Morninghill School


  1. Wan Chai District has the following units:(Remark:*Open Unit: 3 units)

Brownie Pack: 5 units

31 IS Pack/St. Francis' Canossian College

*72 IS Pack/St. James' SMILE

134 IS Pack B/St. James' Primary School

158 IS PACK/Raimondi College Primary Section

*163 IS Pack/The Hong Kong Girl Guides Island RegionalAssociation  (Meeting Place: Grand Hyatt Hong Kong)                    

Guide Company: 3 units

31 IS Coy/St. Francis' Canossian College

*72 IS Coy/St. James' SMILE

152 IS Coy/Tang Shiu Kin Victoria Government Secondary School

Ranger: 1 unit

141 IS RGSU/Lai King Correctional Institution


Happy Bee Hive: 20 units

4 IS HBH/ Causeway Bay Victoria International Kindergarten

5 IS HBH/ Victoria Kindergarten

9 IS HBH/ St Margaret Mary's Cahtolic Kindergarten

16 IS HBH/ Women's Welfare Club, Westsrn Dist. David Woo Memorial Day Kindergarten

22 IS HBH/ Ling Liang Church Kindergarten

28 IS HBH/ North Point Mehtodist Church K/D & Day Nursery

30 IS HBH/ HK Man Sang Kindergarten & Nursery

36 IS HBH/ CWBC Pre-School Education Lui Ming Choi Kindergarten

37 IS HBH/ Caritas Lions Club of Hong Kong (Pacific) Nursery School

38 IS HBH/ Ming Wai Int'l Preschool & Kindergarten

39 IS HBH/ New Jade Elementi Kindergarten

40 IS HBH/ T.W.G.Hs. Chiap Hua Cheng's Nursery School

41 IS HBH/ T.W.G.Hs. Fong Shu Chuen Nursery School

43 IS HBH/Rosaryhill School Kindergarten

53 IS HBH/ St. Dominic Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten

62 IS HBH/ Po Leung Kuk Wai Yin Kindergarten Cum Nursery

65 IS HBH/ S.K.H. St. Christopher's Nursery (Wan Chai)

67 IS HBH/ The Church of Christ in China Chai Wan Church Day Nursery

*72 IS HBH/ St. James' Settlement (Community Centre Services)



Golden Guide : 5 units

Golden Guide Group─Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong Chai Wan Neighbourhood Elderly Centre
Golden Guide Group─C & M A Tsui Lok Good Neighbours Centre for the Elderly
Golden Guide Group─Helping Hand Siu Sai Wan Jockey Club Housing for the Elderly
*Golden Guide Group─The Hong Kong Girl Guides Eastern District Association
*Golden Guide Group─The Hong Kong Girl Guides Wan Chai District Association
Last Update Date: 2022-11-22