HKGGA 105th Anniversary Virtual Run

Event Purpose

2021 is the 105th anniversary of Hong Kong Girl Guides.  With theme of“Be a Daring Girl”, we encourage our Girl Guides to step up to serve the community, and prepare for retuning to normalcy.   


Technology may be a tool to maintain the relationship between family and friends in coming future. Under the pandemic, "Virtual Run" would be one of the best choices for us to keep in touch with family and friends and also keep healthy living style together.


Enrollment period (Important Update)

5/11/2021 - 20/12/2021

(Run2gather application deadline till 30/12/2021)


Competition Period (Important Update)

1/1/2022 - 18/2/2022


Participants fee (per head)




Girl Guides Member:

  1. Happy Bees
  2. Brownies
  3. Guides
  4. Golden Guides
  5. Open (Rangers, Guiders, Leader, members of RA/DA, Trainers, assessors, etc)

Non-Member Section


Rules & Requirement

The event contains 3 stages, the participant has to complete the target number of steps (Walkathlon) or km (Running) in each stage within the time limit to get the finisher medal of that stage, and the fastest top 3 in each stage will get prizes. 


Types of competition:

  • Walkathon Challenge Group
  • Running Challenge Group
  Walkathon (Count by no of steps) Running (Count by distance)

Level 1

(One Week, 01/01/22 00:00 - 07/01/22 23:59)

10,000 Steps 5KM

Level 2

(One Week, 08/01/22 00:00 - 21/01/22 23:59)

50,000 Steps 10.5KM

Level 3

(Four Weeks, 22/01/22 00:00 - 18/02/22 23:59)

In Team* (2-4 pax)

105,000 Steps 105KM

Remarks: Iindividual challenge for Level 1 & 2, *Team challenge for Level 3.

*Team formation: 

  1. Each team contains 1 captain and one to three members (not more than four pax)
  2. The captain must be a girl guides member to join girl guides' section.
  3. The list of team members and emails must be submitted during registration
  4. Team members do not need to participate in the first and second stages of individual competitions, they can only participate in the third stage (Team captain needs to fill in the required information when registering)
  5. We encourage all applicants to complete all 3 levels and gain all medals, team members of Girl Guide are welcome to apply via GGMS together, otherwise, the team member joins level 3 accompanied by the Girl Guide members will not be awarded a finisher medal.


Competition Period (Important Update)

Level 1: 2022/01/01, 00:00 – 2022/01/07, 23:59
Level 2: 2022/01/08, 00:00 - 2022/01/14, 23:59
Level 3: 2022/01/15, 00:00 – 2022/02/11, 23:59


Prizes, Medals & Gifts

  1. Each level and section will have the First Finisher award, the platform also has “Fastest Speed” and “Longest Distant”, the top participant will also be awarded.
  2. Every successful applicant will get a health services redemption coupon & a pack of sole tape.
  3. The first 100 applicants will get a box of masks for early bird application
  4. Complete the challenge of each level within the duration will award a finisher medal (with name engraving service), three medals in total.


Design for Finisher Medal: 

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Combined Medals for 3 Levels


Competition Platform


Getget requirement

Require smartphone to record & Download the Run2gather Apps

Visit Run2gather website to understand more: Click to know more


Application Method

Girl Guides Member & Team Relatives Apply via GGMS
Non-Member (Run2gather application deadline till 30/12/2021)

Walkathlon Challenge: Click to Apply

Running Challenge: Click to Apply

Girl Guides Unit, Personal & Team Application Form Click to Download
School Application Form

Click to Download


*Please choose type of competition in the application: Walkathon / Running, you are not allowed to change the type of competition once the event started.

**For relatives who like to join the whole competiton, can also apply via GGMS together with the your Girl Guide member.

***For Golden Guides, DA/RA members who cannot enroll via GGMS, please contact us for assistants.

GGMS Update:

Each team leaders use their account to help the whole team member to apply the activity and pay the fee for the whole team. (In pricing list, enter the number of applicants and calculate the total fee in the column of “Value” (Each applicant: $105). For those members who only participate in the third stage do not need to count in. 


If the team members are Girl Guides Members, team leaders have to provide the full name, unit number, and the member number (if known) of the team members, which help to update the activity records for each member after the activity.


Briefing Session

Date: 22/11/2021 ( Mon) 
Time: 19:00 - 21:00
Venue: Multi-purpose Hall, 3/f, HKGGA 
Content: Running tips sharing by Standard Chartered HK Marathon 2021 – Half Marathon Champion Ms Crystal Vut, competition rules & introduction and Run2gather apps demonstration

Important Documents
Briefing Replay Click to Watch
Briefing Note Click to Download
Run2gather Apps Tutorial Click to Download


Enquiry & Contact

HKGGA Development

Tel: 23596824



Last Update Date: 2022-01-12